How does it work?

To enable a fair comparison between different models, Emissions Analytics has a standard, proprietary test route.  The route covers a mix of urban, rural and motorway driving, designed to reflect typical – rather than extreme – driving styles.  Each car is tested in the same way, by the same team of drivers, within a consistent range of climatic conditions.  All tests are checked for data quality and consistency, to ensure the EQUA Index is a fair reflection of performance.

The measurement equipment used is called a Portable Emissions Measurement System: a high-grade on-board gas analyser that measures to a high degree of precision, second-by-second, what comes out of the exhaust pipe.  Our supplier is Sensors, Inc of Michigan, USA.  The equipment is the same as that used for official compliance testing.

Who can use it?

For media

The EQUA Index is available for the media to quote, either in the form of the infographics that can be downloaded from this site, or in text form as the “EQUA Index” from Emissions Analytics.  This applies equally to news media as well as website and publications reviewing vehicles.

For consumers

For anyone looking to buy a new car, or a second-hand one up to five years old, the EQUA Index is a freely-available research tool.  The rating for each individual model can be accessed directly from this site, and will progressively be available through media and other partners across Europe.

For manufacturers

Vehicle manufacturers may quote EQUA Index ratings in their marketing and promotional materials, in the form of the infographic downloadable from this website.  Please get in touch to discuss the terms of usage.

Emissions Analytics has a large rolling programme of testing, but will not always have an EQUA Index for every vehicle.  If a vehicle manufacturer would like to obtain a rating for a vehicle not already covered, please get in touch.  We will endeavour to source the vehicle and put it through our test programme.


Why is it needed?

While vehicle emissions are important for air quality and health, Europe is currently in the position that the official data does not measure real-world emissions, and data from manufacturers is piecemeal and not independent.

Therefore, while there is a need for car buyers to know what they are buying, there is no way to make an informed decision.  The EQUA Index fills that gap.

The process for official certification of vehicles is being improved from 2017 with the introduction of some on-road testing into the process.  However, a better certification system can only be effective if there is active monitoring of what happens in the real-world with cars in operation, which is where the EQUA Index has its role.

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